What can you do to help your students through the new education law?

Last year, Congress replaced the disastrous test-driven No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law with ESSA, putting big responsibility in the hands of educators like you. You have the power to shape state and local laws that will directly effect what’s going on in your classroom and school communities.

Right now, your state is working to develop ESSA plans, which will go into effect next year. Make sure your voice is heard to ensure your students get the high-quality education they deserve!

Tune into the webinar series each month to learn what others doing and get valuable tips and tools to get involved in ESSA in your state.

Virtual Event Archive


ESSA on Facebook Live
Eskelsen García and Director of Education Policy and Practice Donna Harris-Aikens answered questions from educators and public education advocates about the Every Student Succeeds Act on Facebook Live. They covered topics such as the future of testing, teacher training, the role of parents, and whether new Education Secretary Betsy DeVos can make any changes to the law. This is definitely worth a watch and a share.



New Mexico: December 13, 2016

NEA and the National PTA discussed implementation of the law at the state and local level and the opportunities that educators and families have to become involved. The event featured National Education Association – New Mexico and the New Mexico PTA. Register and view the webinar.



Oregon: November 17, 2016

In Oregon, educators and elected officials are collaborating effectively for a sound implementation of ESSA. Register and view the webinar.



Oklahoma: October 17, 2016

Learn about ESSA successes and lessons learned in Oklahoma. Register and view the webinar.