WHEREAS, our nation’s future well-being relies on a high-quality public education system that prepares all students for college, careers, democracy, and lifelong learning; and

WHEREAS, our nation’s school systems have been making too many critical decisions without benefit of the voices and expertise of the educators who know students’ names in our schools; and

WHEREAS, our nation’s public school systems have been spending growing amounts of time, money, and energy on high-stakes standardized testing, in which student performance on standardized tests is used to make major decisions affecting individual students, educators, and schools; and

WHEREAS, the overreliance on high-stakes and standardized testing in state accountability systems is undermining educational quality and opportunity in U.S. public schools by hampering educators’ efforts to focus on creativity, problem solving, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and deep subject-matter knowledge that will allow students to thrive in a democracy and an increasingly global society and economy;

WHEREAS, a child’s chances for success should not depend on living in the right zip code; and

WHEREAS, the President of the United States signed the Every Student Succeeds Act on December 10, 2015 based on educators’ calls to end No Child Left Behind’s misguided federal mandates;

THEREFORE, let it be resolved that the [your School District Governing Board name] supports the collaborative development and implementation of a plan with the [your Local Affiliate name], parents, students, and community members to ensure the opportunities for a well-rounded education presented by the Every Student Succeeds Act are realized by including all stakeholders in decision-making; and

THEREFORE, let it be resolved that [your School District Governing Board name] calls on the governor, state legislature, and state education boards and administrators to reexamine public school accountability and finance systems in this state to ensure that accountability for district, school, and student success are based on multiple forms of evidence that feature indicators of school and student supports and success; and that those indicators are used to drive resources and a system of collaboratively developed (by all stakeholders) improvement strategies to schools so that all students receive the opportunities and supports they deserve.