No student’s future should be left to chance. When educators work closely with families and communities, the result is stronger public schools that prepare every student for a great future. That is why we created the Family & Community Engagement Kit – to help you involve critical stakeholders in ensuring a great public school for every student.

Students Need Our Voices Now

Across the country, districts and schools are developing plans to meet state goals under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Collaboration among families, educators, and communities is at the heart of ESSA. States and districts that accept federal funding must ensure that all stakeholders are an integral part of developing plans to educate all students and improve schools that need support. Our collective input has the power to drive the success of our students and public schools.

Family & Community Engagement Kit

The My School My Voice Family & Community Engagement Kit is a comprehensive collection of NEA resources for local engagement.

NEA’s Guide, “Understanding the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)” will help you inform families and communities of their rights under federal law to participate in making all public schools great. The Guide summarizes current opportunities and describe how stakeholders can work together to drive success in schools.

We have more tools to help you involve parents, families, and communities in making decisions about children’s education. Access them here by downloading the PDFs here:

  1. What’s in your Kit?: a summary of the tools in the Kit for educators to involve families in supporting public schools.
  2. Time for a Check Up! discussion guide on family and community engagement.
  3. My School, My Voice Host Instructions: step-by-step meeting instructions, including a sample agenda.
  4. How to Complete the Opportunity Checklist: a one-pager to help educators, families, and community leaders collaborate for public education.
  5. Your Voice Matters Conversation Starters: talking points about how ESSA will impact students and classrooms.
  6. School Improvement in Your Community: a summary of the school improvement process.

You can request full copies of the Kit by e-mailing at least two weeks in advance of your desired delivery date. Supplies are limited, so don’t delay!

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Great Public Schools Parent Guides (Coming soon!)

This series of brochures explain the seven research-based criteria that define a great public school.

  • School Readiness
  • Family & Community Engagement
  • Workforce Quality
  • Standards and Curriculum
  • School Funding
  • Accountability & Assessments
  • Conditions of Teaching & Learning
Authorization of Appropriations
Authorized funding levels by title, program, and fiscal year.

Families + Communities

Funding: Transition + Effective Dates

Literacy Education for All, Results for the Nation (LEARN)

Sample School Board Resolution

Student + School Safety / Bullying Prevention