Cross-Agency Collaboration Key to Oregon Education Association’s Success

The Oregon Education Association (OEA) is working closely with their Oregon partners in education to lay the groundwork for ESSA engagement through a multi-year, multi-partner collaboration to design a balanced system of assessment for meaningful student learning. View the webinar recording. View the Building Strong Schools through ESSA PDF.

Hawaii’s Blueprint for Education

Very few states have seen the level of educator engagement on ESSA that has been occurring in Hawaii. Aloha state educators know this is their opportunity to add their voice to this conversation if ESSA implementation to advocate on behalf of their students and their profession. In 2016, Gov. David Ige assembled an ESSA task

How MSEA Led the Way in ESSA Implementation

Under ESSA, communities can push policymakers to include factors that focus on more than test scores. For example, in the week preceding key legislative votes, MSEA members made more than 700 phone calls to legislators specifying the need for a sound ESSA plan, less testing, and the prevention of school privatization. In collaboration with other