March 3 Update: Opportunity for All Students Starts in the States

Here’s how educators are using their voice to provide more opportunity for students as part of ESSA implementation across the country   South Carolina Local Association Spotlights ESSA’s Impact on students, educators, classrooms at Town Hall On Feb. 6, the Beaufort County Education Association (BCEA) hosted a town-hall event in Beaufort County, South Carolina, parents,

Parents and ESSA

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) promises to return fundamental decisions about education to the students, parents, and educators with the most at stake in our public schools, while continuing to focus on students who need the most support. But the law’s ultimate success depends on it being successfully implemented at the local and state

Toledo Blade: Staff endeavors to better meet students’ needs

Teachers, administrators, and support staff from Sylvania Schools are developing a plan for each of the district’s 12 schools to better meet the needs of minority students and those who face economic hardship. About 80 representatives from the district last week participated in a three-day training on cultural competency. They heard stories about Arab students