These ESSA Issue Cards are intended for use by members to engage others in conversation or use when speaking in a public forum such as a school board meeting, PTA meeting, local union meeting, etc.

There are eight ESSA issues upon which these cards focus:

  1. Educator Voice
  2. School Improvement
  3. School Climate
  4. Professional Development
  5. Equity
  6. Testing
  7. Teacher Evaluation
  8. Stakeholder Engagement

Download the ESSA Issue cards here.

The ESSA Issue Cards contain bullet point information that is intended to help educators communicate important aspects of ESSA and how this information impacts their classrooms and students. In addition to the bullet points there are links to in-depth information on the issue addressed.

The cards are customizable to help the user reflect on the specific ways that the information impacts their district/school/classroom/students. The cards also contain suggested ways to share this information through social media to help engage educators and other stakeholders to ensure that each and every student has an opportunity for success.